Settlement of Montpelier, Idaho in Bear Lake Valley

Author: Earl F. Passey

Book Price   $3.00

Scenes of Bear Lake County Prior to 1950

Author: Bear Lake County Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

Book Price  $25.00


The Presbyterians in Bear Lake Valley

Author: Mildred W. Schoper

The heritage of Bear Lake Valley is in the history of its locality and often when a single sect or religion develops a community or an area like Bear Lake, often referred to as “Mormon Country”, the contributions made to that society by minority groups or other religions are frequently overlooked and gradually forgotten.

This book chronicles the contributions made by members of the Presbyterian Church in the settlement of Montpelier, Idaho.

Book Price: $2.00

Land of the Sky-Blue Water

Author: Russell R. Rich

The history of the LDS settlement in the Bear Lake Valley is a study of fortitude, perseverance, love, loyalty and commitment. This book is a tribute to the sturdy pioneers who began arriving in Bear Lake Valley in September 1863.

Russell R. Rich - 1963

Book Price: $6.00


A Photo History of Bear Lake Valley

Author: J. Patrick Wilde

A Photo History of Bear Lake Valley, compiled under the guidance of local historian J. Patrick Wilde, is a photo collection indexed with captions of the communities, people, businesses, schools and churches in the Bear Lake Valley. The 268-page book includes rare photos of historical events and people from public and private collections. Pictures include the Oregon Short Line railroad and registered livestock brands. An extraordinary effort through photos in preserving the heritage and history of Bear Lake Valley.

Book Price: $8.00

Treasured Tidbits Of Time

Author: J. Patrick Wilde

An Informal history of Mormon Conquest and settlement
of the Bear Lake Valley. (Volume 3 is sold out--sorry!)

Book Price Vol 1: $3.00
Book Price Vol 2: $3.00
Set of both books: $5.00